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Submit product links and pay

2.JFBees purchasing

Purchase products for you from Taobao stores


Sign packages to stock, pick up for QC photos and confirm order

4. International shipping

Consolidate and strengthen package to weight for shipping

5.Confirm receipt

Sign for the parcel, review goods and JFBees service to win credits

1.Get JFBees Address

Order items from Taobao and ship to JFBees warehouse

2.Parcel shipping

Package tracking, confirm receipt and warehouse stock.

3.Combine packages

Pick up packages for QC photos and merge them into one

4.International shipping

Strengthen, weight package, quote shipping fee for delivery

5.Confirm receipt

Sign for the parcel, review goods and JFBees service to win credits

Small business service

Wholesaler and dropshipper

One-stop purchase and shipping service helps small business easily wholesale and dropshipping on Alibaba, Aliexpress, 1688 and other Chinese B2B platforms.

Source and bargain

8-year small business experience focuses on sourcing reliable supplier and high quality goods for Amazon, EBay, Wish, Shopify sellers and bargains with vendors on Alibaba, Aliexpress 1688.


4000 square meters semi-automatic warehouse deals with your goods warehousing, stocking, quality check, consolidate packing and weight, shipping process effectively and precisely.

Quality inspection

Professional quality control with 1080P HD photos and videos on goods quality and quantity ensures perfect goods condition before shipping to lower down potential after sale issues.

Label and packaging customization

Label and packaging customization solution could help private brand sellers improve goods brands for better user experience and spread brands subtlely.

Package consolidate and strengthen

JFBees combines multiple goods from different suppliers into bigger package for less shipping fee and strengthen packaging to ensure goods safty during international shipping.

Professional customs clearance

Double customs clearance service and optimized declare vaule maximumly save time and tax fee for your goods shipping from China to destination country.

Worldwide shipping from China

DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS and multiple line deals available , you have more choices to select the best courier shipping from China based on goods weight volume and destination country.

Why JFBees

JFBees provides one-stop Chinese goods shopping warehousing and shipping service.

One-stop service

JFBees provides one-stop goods purchase, QC, storage, consolidation and shipping service for overseas Chinese and foreigners.

Money saving

International shipping fee discount upto 70% with free addon service (warehousing, QC, carton box and package strengthen).

Consolidation shipping

JFBees combines multiple packages into one box and remove unnecessary packaging, invoice to save China international shipping fee.

Time assurance

Efficiently dealing with the orders to deliver in 1 to 2 days, package information can be tracked immediately.

Sensitive items shipping

Multiple sensitive shipping lines for foods, replicas, medicine and various kind of sensitive goods shipping from China.

Optimized tariff solutions

JFBees provides the most favorable custom clearance plan to help clients avoid or cut down tax.


1st haul from JFBees was 3.5kg, shipped by DHL and cost $40.5 to the UK. Ordered on the 27th of November. Got QC photos on the 2nd of December. They packed the goods on the 4th and I paid on that day. Got shipping info on the 7th and with the DHL delays I got it on the 13th.


Hey! First sorry for my bad English but thats my first Taobao Haul. My Agent was JFBees and he helped me on Whatsapp. He send my before shipping QC Pics and helped me if I had a question. The shipping cost 69.5 USD for 6,5 KG to Germany and we decleared to 50 USD. But DHL wants extra 40 EUR tax fee. I wait only 4-5 Days for my items. All in all the service from JFBees was really good.


I used JFBEEs for the first time. They dont charge any agent fee, thats awesome. They respond very quickly to your questions on every platform. Their english is also much better than other agents. The QC pics of them were in a high quality, you can look them up. They also take PayPal as a payment method! They helped me with the sizing, which is great. I pretty much ordered the sizes they recommended me for all the pieces.


Hey, I've been meaning to make this review for quit some time as I've been using JFBees for multiple Taobao orders. Boyyyy there customer service is very good, I always contact Maggie through Whatsapp as it's convenient for me but she also has Skype. Her English very good, better that most other sellers/Agents I've dealt with in the past.


This was my first haul with JFBees and I wanted something that I knew was quality and everybody give these items a good review so I decided why not. Shipping was handled very quickly, once I decided to refund the Supreme hoodie, they gave me the DHL tracking number (on the 16th January), and my items came yesterday (19th January) with no trouble. Overall the experience has been amazing and I would definitely use JFBees again for my future purchases!


It’s my 3rd experience using taobao agent after been in the UK for ten years. The first time was long time ago and I was taxed by customs, the second time was awful, I was being taxed and the shipping agent quoted 3kg more weight on the shipping fee and they don’t admit until I prepared every kinds of evidence. Frankly speaking I don’t like to shop on taobao for afraid of being raped twice. The 3rd time is being @ by a friends who bought some hot pot material and I can’t help drooling, so I decide to try the third time, no matter being taxed or not, I want the taste absence for long time. Since the powder and liquid can’t be shipped by certain shipping agent after talked to them, then I came to my friends and he suggests JFBees. Guess what, I was so lucky I found the best taobao agent ever.