1.Place order

Submit product links and pay

2.JFBees purchasing

Purchase products for you from Taobao stores


Sign packages to stock, pick up for QC photos and confirm order

4. International shipping

Consolidate and strengthen package to weight for shipping

5.Confirm receipt

Sign for the parcel, review goods and JFBees service to win credits

1.Get JFBees Address

Order items from Taobao and ship to JFBees warehouse

2.Parcel shipping

Package tracking, confirm receipt and warehouse stock.

3.Combine packages

Pick up packages for QC photos and merge them into one

4.International shipping

Strengthen, weight package, quote shipping fee for delivery

5.Confirm receipt

Sign for the parcel, review goods and JFBees service to win credits

Why JFBees

JFBees provides one-stop Chinese goods shopping warehousing and shipping service.

One-stop service

JFBees provides one-stop goods purchase, QC, storage, consolidation and shipping service for overseas Chinese and foreigners.

Money saving

International shipping fee discount upto 70% with free addon service (warehousing, QC, carton box and package strengthen).

Consolidation shipping

JFBees combines multiple packages into one box and remove unnecessary packaging, invoice to save China international shipping fee.

Time assurance

Efficiently dealing with the orders to deliver in 1 to 2 days, package information can be tracked immediately.

Sensitive items shipping

Multiple sensitive shipping lines for foods, replicas, medicine and various kind of sensitive goods shipping from China.

Optimized tariff solutions

JFBees provides the most favorable custom clearance plan to help clients avoid or cut down tax.


This was my first haul with JFBees and I wanted something that I knew was quality and everybody give these items a good review so I decided why not. Shipping was handled very quickly, once I decided to refund the Supreme hoodie, they gave me the DHL tracking number (on the 16th January), and my items came yesterday (19th January) with no trouble. Overall the experience has been amazing and I would definitely use JFBees again for my future purchases!


I bump into JFBees after I had some shit going on with Ddb. I got a dm, which said that I should check out JFBees. So I did. Added him on Whatsapp, and tried to get some Information. It turned out that they are a big company. Being the biggest forwarder shipping agent on taobao (showed me their taobao site; 4 crowns and shit) having over 50 employees. They are trying to expand to the west, so you don't have to pay service fees at the moment. You are able to choose the delivery agent, which is fucking nice. Ddb just let me choose EMS, and they fucked me over later on.. I've paid 67 dollars for 2x 2kg packages and it came 3 days later with DHL Express, smooth. Had to pay some taxes, but it wasn't that much.


I've bought two times on Taobao and i've used both times JFBees as agent. I mainly was talking with Cynthia which has a better english than mine so it's really easy to communicate with her. When they've received my items at their warehouse Cynthia send me lot of detailed Quality Check pictures in HD. I used both times EMS because i had some brands that my father know about (nike, moncler) in my package. EMS is really fast ! Both order came in a week to Europe.


I used JFBEES as my Agent. He has his own warehouse and takes NO service fee. So big s/o to my boy! You can contact him via Whatsapp and he responds very fast and speaks great english compared to other agents. His QC pics were also in a good quality. You can pay per Paypal which is also really nice. He took EMS instead of DHL this time because they had some problems with DHL and costums, he said. So shipping only took 5 days but the whole declaration procces costed me 10 more days. Next time I will definitely go with DHL not EMS.


1st haul from JFBees was 3.5kg, shipped by DHL and cost $40.5 to the UK. Ordered on the 27th of November. Got QC photos on the 2nd of December. They packed the goods on the 4th and I paid on that day. Got shipping info on the 7th and with the DHL delays I got it on the 13th.


JFBEES helped me out this time. Very nice and friendly, good English, answered all my dumb questions. QC pics arrived in like 2 days from both Chan and Cynthia. I noticed that I received the wrong size Nuptse so Cynthia exchanged it for me and the next day the package was shipped out. Those were the only blips and everything else was smooth.