Get JFBees size measure service for free

Why shopping clothes on Taobao?

You may buy clothes on Taobao due to it is much cheaper than ebay, amazon or local market and it has wider choice. However, you may buy wrong size due to the Chinese size standards aren’t the same with EU and USA size and some taobao seller sizes aren’t standard for you to convert. Once you got the clothes may not fit your size.

Then you waste time and money shopping online.

Why there’s no taobao agent offer size measure service so far?

You may want to pay small fee for the taobao agent to help you measure the clothes size, unfortunately no one offer the size measure service so far. Why? The size measure service is time consuming and the warehouse cost will beincreased hugely for size measure and return or exchange service take too long time, the taobao agent work will be at least 3 to 5 times as before and the work efficiency will be greatly lower down, that’s huge cost. As a professional Taobao agent, JFBees would like to try the best to provide better taobao shopping experience. Thus JFBees becomes the first Taobao agent who released size measure service.

JFBees size measure standard

1. Photo quality 1080P

2. Photo quantity

Jacket hoodie and coat

4 photos

We measure shoulder, chest, sleeve and length of the clothes, each part takes 1 photo, totally 4 photos.


3 photos

We will measure pants waist hips and length, each part takes 1 photo


5 photos

We measure shoulder (E), chest (A), waist (B), length (D) for skirt and waist (B), length (F) and width (G) for short skirt, each takes 1 photo, maximum 5 photos.

How to get JFBees size measure service for free

It is simply to get JFBees size measure service for free, all you need to do is place order on JFBees and contact our customer service ask for size measure service, then please share QC photos with JFBees website links with your opinions. Once you received the clothes please kindly review JFBees service if you are satisfied.

Free period:March ~ May 2017. After that you will need to exchange the service via credits.

Happy shopping on Taobao with JFBees.

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