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DHL UPS FedEx TNT regulations on goods shipping from China

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When you ship goods from China via international courier service like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and EMS there are certain regulations you should know, it could greatly save your time and money for customs clearance. JFBees collected some custom regulations on goods shipping from China via UPS, DHL, FedEx EMS for you as a reference.


Goods shipping from China to Taiwan


All the goods with multiple packages in one shipment sent from China to Taiwan via UPS are required to provide Packing List, otherwise UPS will reject the goods or customs clearance will be delayed. Each shipment must not exceed 250KG, otherwise it will be returned.


Goods shipping from China to Angola


Each shipment cannot exceed 70KG else it will be returned, and Angola do not accept textiles ship via UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL and EMS. And the country does not accept payment by third parties.


Goods shipping from China to Nigeria


DHL shipping cost is not high, but it will charge recipient related costs without reasons; Single package more than 70kg or single shipment more than 300kg will be rejected.


Goods shipping from China to Brazil


Brazil customs regulates that the same number of goods cannot exceed 3PCS if ship to personal receipt, otherwise the customs will refuse to arrange customs clearance and return to shipping country directly without any notice. The same goods quantity more than 3PCS can only be sent to company instead of individuals, they must be imported in the form of formal customs clearance. If the goods need formal customs clearance, the consignee must register at the local customs office and need to employ a customs clearance agent to assist in customs clearance procedures. The recipient may also select DHL as the clearance agent and provide customs clearance letters as well as instructions to DHL,it will have additional fees, tariffs and all expenses are only paid by the recipient. Recipients can also use their own customs clearance agent. Only VCP and GRU two ports in St Paul Brazil can handle the formal customs clearance procedures, if the recipient is not in the two port city, the recipient can go to the two port to deal with customs clearance, he can also apply for the goods move to the nearest Customs Supervision Center (additional fees generated) to deal with the customs clearance. It may also have transport fee and warehousing fee.


Brazil does not accept discarding goods without charge, when the customs clearance failed. Sender chooses discards and requires a fee of at least 50 euros per shipment. Besides, the receipt needs to provide tax number for customs clearance.

Goods shipping from China to Australia


All wooden products must be accompanied by the original fumigation certificate (the certificate shall indicate the method of fumigation), and the smoking certificate number must be indicated on the consignment note or invoice.


All packages (including documents and packages) shipping to Australia shall be noted as follows: 1. all commercial invoices must be supplied with market value, otherwise, any delay or no customs clearance will be made at any time; 2. customs clearance must have all customs clearance documents, including full commercial invoices, packing lists and entry permits, and so forth.


PO BOX address will be rejected for shipments to Australia and New Zealand. Otherwise, the goods may be returned directly.


Goods shipping from China to New Zealand


All shipping data (INVOICE& AIRWAY BILL) must use company name, otherwise it affects customs clearance.


Goods shipping from China to Vietnam


Wine, cosmetics and mobile phones shipping from China to Vietnam are no longer accepted as imported by courier or air freight. They can only be imported by sea.


Goods shipping from China to Tunisia


All imported parcels customs clearance must be designated by the consignee according to Tunisia customs regulations, DHL will not be able to cope with customs clearance matters, so the sender should urge the recipient to arrange customs clearance agent on time.


Package volume restriction: the maximum length, width and height shall not exceed 120*80*80cm. Weight restriction: the maximum weight of each shipment shall not exceed 40 KG and single package weight must not exceed 30 KG.


Goods shipping from China to Ukraine


If the receipt is company name, the company must have the relevant registration at the local customs, or the goods customs clearance will be delayed; If the receipt is personal, all parcels must go through the local customs inspection. Food, cigarette, wine and medical supplies will be rejected. Pllease note that only KYIV, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Mariupol, Lviv and Simferopol has personal parcel service. Goods declare value more than EUR100 on the invoice must indicate the country of origin. By February 24, 2011, Ukraine customs to implement new customs laws and regulations for the high value package (customs worth more than 100 euros), the invoice must indicate the country of origin, and provide the original signed and stamped commercial invoice for customs clearance. Comprehensive, correct description of the package (cannot declare as the sample), country of origin,. Net weight, quantity, unit price and total price (cannot underestimate), must be strictly in accordance with the invoice form in the attachment model, mandatory provisions on the invoice must have the sender's signature and company seal, or customs clearance delays. Batteries or battery products cannot be shipped from China to Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Nepal, or Libya.


At last, 80% packages send to Ukraine need the recipient assist customs clearance, if the customs clearance more than 48 hours, every day there will be at least 1.5 euros from storage and Ukraine do not accept discard goods.


Goods shipping from China to Uganda


Uganda customs will no longer accept: used TV, refrigerators and laptops.


Goods shipping from China to Nepal


From October 14th to 19th is Nepal's holiday, during this time the goods will be delayed customs clearance. Nepal customs has strengthened the regulation of the personal import items, the recipient must provide valid documents to the customs personally to assist in customs clearance, if the recipient failed to attend the customs clearance or the lack of necessary documents, the customs will take it as commercial import and levy the relevant costs. In this case the receipt need to pay the corresponding tariff (based o the value of the shipment + freight shipping fee) and the customs clearance fee can be imported.


Goods shipping from China to Indonesia


Goods weight exceeding 10KG must be shipped by parcel. Any goods ship from China to Indonesia that weighs more than 10KG must be inspected by the customs and will be delayed by customs clearance. If the invoice indicates that the goods are old (Used), the customs will require the import certificate of the government department for customs clearance, and the shipment will be delayed.


Goods shipping from China to United Arab Emirates


If the package of goods worth more than USD270, the invoice must be printed, and the contents should include: there is a unique number (invoice number), goods must have a detailed description (general description will not be accepted, for example: accessories), HS encoding, each product are required to declare the country of origin, weight,unit value and currency.


Goods shipping from China to Afghanistan


Afghanistan's Kandahar (KDH) and other military bases in the area only accept delivery documents, parcel delivery service only for person or company belongs to the army.


Goods shipping from China to Portugal


Shipment need original invoice, if sender is company then company seal and signature are required, if sender is personal then need signature; December 1st for Portugal public holidays.


Goods shipping from China to Malaysia


Malaysia customs has regulations for wooden packaging materials since July 1, 2010; all wooden packages of imported goods in Malaysia must be heated and marked or fumigated with proof. And in the invoice and packing list must have the wooden packing material related explanation. The sender shall indicate the type of packing material on the electronic or manual customs declaration form.


Goods shipping from China to Czech


In order to reduce the VAT exemption threshold, Czech customs decreased goods value from 150 euros to 22 euros from the beginning of April 1, 2011. Any goods worth more than 22 euros, will be as formal clearance which required more time than ordinary customs clearance, please ensure that all the goods sent from China to Czech contains the right declared value, a detailed description of the complete recipient contact information.


Goods shipping from China to Saudi Arabia


Commercial value greater than or equal to $100 has the following requirements:


The actual consignee or the final consignee must be a registered importer;


Customs clearance information must include: a duplicate of the consignee's business registration, a consignee authorized agent for its customs clearance of the letter of attorney;


All imports worth more than US $100 must be formally cleared. The goods imported into Saudi Arabia have the following requirements:


The goods value more than $100 as company importer must provide copies of business registration (business license) (importer business registration number required to fill in the VAT place number DHL waybill);


Goods value more than $13250 to Dhahran, or goods value more than $2500 to Jeddah and Riyadh, the DHL power of attorney title should contain the importer company name(the authorization for DHL is valid for one year);


All Saudi Arabians and foreign nationals import goods in excess of $ 100 in their own name should provide ID number. The ID number should be written in the VAT number of the DHL waybill.


For a specific amount of goods more than $100, need to provide the origin of the country's authoritative testing company issued a clean test report (Clean report of findings / SASO); Goods value more than 13250 dollars to Jeddah and value more than 2,500 US dollars to Riyadh, must provide the country of origin of the authority of the Trade Organization to provide a certificate of origin.


Goods shipping from China to Mali


Weight restriction: magazines, journals, logs sent to Mali less than 10 kg, brochure (non-advertising) less than 20 kg, else it need to be ship via parcel.


Goods shipping from China to Poland


Poland restricted finished drugs import from China. Goods name on the invoice must be accurate, otherwise customs clearance will be delayed, electronic products must be CE certification.


Goods shipping from China to Kuwait


Kuwait customs implemented a new customs clearance provisions of all imports of goods in the country, the invoice must be clearly and accurately declare the name of the goods described, the goods of the customs code and country of origin, the goods HS code and country or origin are required, otherwise it will cause customs clearance delay or cannot clearance.


Goods shipping from China to Belarus


Belarus customs has a weight restriction on packages, each shipment no more than 250KG, and single package no more than 50KG. If the shipment arrives at the area, it is necessary to transfer the shipment to the third party agent. The DHL service guide list contains the city or zip code marked "F") single shipment cannot exceed 30KG, volume cannot exceed 120 * 80 * 80cm.


Goods shipping from China to Russia


Only Moscow and St. Petersburg have package delivery service for the package shipping from China to Russia, and both sender and the recipient must be in the name of the company, either party is private, the package will be returned. This country does not accept the abandoned parcel, once the destination customs clearance failed, goods will be returned and it takes long time to return. EMS is a good way for goods shipping from China to Russia.


Goods shipping from China to Argentina


The Argentine government has decided to impose an immediate import license requirement for an additional 200 products as a measure to protect the local trade industry since March 7th 2011. The goods shipping from China to Argentina should:


The consignee and specific goods must be registered as customs and Trade and Industry Bureau of the importer or merchandise, this process may take up to 3 months. Once the consignee authorized and registered can import the affected product, a formal clearance agent is required for customs clearance.


The following are the affected industries / commodities: automotive, metal products, machinery, retailers, elevators, mobile mobile devices and mobile phones, computer hardware.


Goods shipping from China to Argentina will have restriction on both weight and volume, volume restriction: length 118CM, height 120CM, width 88CM, tray cargo size restriction: 100 * 100 * 100CM. If the shipment exceeds the above weight and size restrictions, there will be 2-3 working days of delay. In addition, if the single package or shipment weight of more than 50KG, the goods need to be officially import, the recipient to pay high fees, and there has customs clearance delay.


Goods shipping from China to Ecuador


Goods shipping from China to Ecuador must provide original commercial invoice, do not accept Pro-forma or copy commercial invoice. If the declaration of information is not accurate will lead to a fine, each main waybill USD1320 and DHL are fined a bill of lading USD130. The costs incurred will be borne by the sender. Minimum delay of 8 days, fine (10% CIF), 100% check or may be detained. If there is a problem with the customer information, it may cause the airline to be affected.


The invoice must have the following information: the consignor's trademark, commercial invoice number, date of shipment, shipper and consignee complete information (company, address, person name, telephone), country of origin and brand, Item of product and destination customs code, detailed name, quantity, weight, model, trade payment price: such as FOB price.


Goods shipping from China to India


All shipments to the city of Hyderabad (HYD), the invoice must indicate the tax number (TIN), else the shipment will be suspended and fined, in order to avoid unnecessary delays and Charges, please deliver the goods before shipment to ensure the integrity of the information.


According to Hong Kong DHL notice, the implementation of the new customs clearance in Mumbai, India as follows:


The invoice must be in English and accompanied by the signature of the consignor or its authorized representative; the invoice must not be declared as Proforma Invoice else customs clearance will be delayed;


If the goods are "samples or gifts", the invoice must be clearly stated: "Free Trade Sample for Testing, No Foreign Exchange Involved" or "Free Trade Sample, No Foreign Exchange Involved", or "Personal Gift, No Foreign Exchange Involved "; and do not use the" Value for Customs Purpose Only "description, otherwise it will cause customs clearance delay;


The invoice must describe in detail the name, quantity and actual value of all the items (including samples or gifts)


Commodity code classified as 28, 29, 30, 31, 35, 38 for all chemicals or pharmaceuticals required to provide the documents and packaging requirements are as follows:


Such chemicals or medications are required to provide a chemical safety assessment report (COA / MSDS) with the supplier, either by the producer or by an internationally recognized testing unit or by a supervisory authority.


The shipper will be required to post the label on each box, and there will be a detailed description of the goods included. If the description label is not posted as required, even if the chemical safety assessment report (COA / MSDS) Re-sampling the types of items, resulting in serious delays in customs clearance;


India customs clearance is more complex and may have a high tax, please inform the consignor in the delivery of goods must ensure that the information before the precise.


Goods shipping from China to Philippines


Philippine customs does not accept invoices that are listed as "PROFORMA INVOICES". If you are sending invoices for private or other non-commercial use, you will need to provide invoice, commercial usage goods should provide commercial invoice.


Goods shipping from China to Italy


The value of goods more than 150 Italy lira or the goods belongs to the commercial usage, the receipt company must provide EORI number registrated in the customs, if the company does have EORI number, the goods can be designated to third party customs clearance company, or the shipment will be returned automatically the sender shall take back the freight;


Goods shipping from China to USA


Glasses shipping from to the United States need to provide bead proof and anti blocking impact test certificate. Inspection of goods sent to the United States with the declared value, send factory, or the recipient; (other countries must provide customs encoding shipment).


1) Invoice sender need to write clear manufacturers and indicate goods origin;

2) Invoices need to specify goods material and usage;

3) Correct goods value;

4) Wire, watches, pens, required to provide a WORKSHEET table;

5) The goods name and customs code are required;

6) Electronic products need to provide FCC;

7) Watches ship from China to United States need to be filled in Worksheet;

8) Fabric Detail Sheet is required for the goods contain cloth pieces;

9) TSCA is required if the goods have pen inside;

10) As long as the goods under the supervision of USA FDA, it is difficult to complete customs clearance;

11) All the gift boxes need to fill out a Worksheet-Giftbox, this document is issued by the YES or NO reply on each issue behind it;

12) United States UPS does not accept the sender modify deliver address;

13) Unreasonable declaration value will lead to delays in customs clearance and customs clearance, and more customs clearance documents will be required to complete customs clearance, and all the consequences will be borne by the sender.


Goods shipping from China to Spain


There is no parcel service for packages ship to CEUTA, zip code: 51001 in Spain, only the file service (weight of not more than 3KG).


Goods shipping from China to Dominican Republic


FEDEX notice goods shipped to the Republic of Dominica must provide the recipient's number, or it will have clearance delay and storage fee. You must ensure that the information is complete and valid before shipment. The shipment must provide the recipient's tax number.


Goods shipping from China to Canada


Residential collection fee 25 yuan, a single package over 68KG will charge 860 yuan/shipment oversize fee.


Goods shipping from China to Liberia


Prohibit the import of any product containing batteries.


Goods shipping from China to South Africa


Due to flight problems, South Africa cannot exceed 30KG/shipment of goods.


Goods shipping from China to Bulgaria


Goods imported from China to Bulgaria need to provide 4 copies originals invoice with goods, if the invoice is incorrect, customs will notify courier to resend original invoice for customs clearance.


Goods shipping from China to Kazakhstan


Goods ship to Kazakhstan, if the recipient failed to clear the customs, the destination does not accept discarding goods without cost, there are at least 100 euros abandonment fee.


Prohibited goods:


Any weapon, similar in structure to civilian and military weapon products; 

Explosive goods 


Deteriorating Goods 

Alcoholic beverages and spirits, beer 


Plant seeds 

Natural diamonds, gems, jewelry

Narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs

Ozone depleting substance

Hazardous waste 

Goods shipping from China to Greenland


Hongkong DHL noticed goods sent to Greenland has strict weight and volume restriction, single shipment cannot exceed 300KG, single package cannot exceed 30KG, if the weight exceeds this limit must be divided. Volume restriction: 120*80*80CM.


Goods shipping from China to Qatar


Qatar customs no longer accept goods more than 100KG without customs clearance documents, no more than 100KG will be issued formally customs clearance, approval will have 48-72 hours delays, formal customs clearance must be provided the following files:


Certificate of origin (CO)


Original invoice (Performa invoice will not be accepted) and signed and sealed


Goods shipping from China to Kenya


TNT notice goods weight more than 50KG to Kenya (Economic Service) and all air cargo via DXB (Dubai) required certificate of origin issued by international institutions recognized by the industry, otherwise it will generate 15% CIF (freight + insurance + declared value) price fine.


Goods Sent to Romania, India, Ecuador, Lebanon, Turkey, Venezuela, Peru, Qatar, Holland, Angola, Bulgaria, and Russia (Russian standard invoice format) original invoice shall be sealed for customs clearance.


EU countries forced the product with CE mark, such as the relevant products into the local customs did not carry the CE mark, the local customs will be possible to refuse clearance and asked to return. CE mark product category includes medical equipment, machinery, industrial installation, toys, current equipment, electronic products, household equipment, building materials, pressure equipment, personal protective equipment, entertainment yachts, refrigerators, etc.


Please feel free to consult JFBees customer service if you have goods shipping from China.



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