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Goods shipping from China to Australia New Zealand UK France and EU countries via China TNT

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Recently JFBees starts promotional China TNT courier service shipping from China to Australia New Zealand UK France Germany and Netherlands.

CountriesWeight Break delivery time
First 0.5kgContinue 0.5kg 21-30kg 



France Germany Netherlands UK120254442


working days


New Zealand


The China TNT courier service has the following restrictions:

  1. Only available for general goods. Batteries, buit-in battery, brands, liquids, powder, drugs, food, currency, antiques as well as other prohibited goods listed on IATA will be rejected;

  2. The cost includes fuel surcharges but doesnt include remote erea charge and tax;

  3. TNT volume weight calculate: length*width*height/5000;

  4. Remote area charge 2.5yuan/kg, starts with 60 yuan;

  5. If the side length exceed 120cm, 135 yuan extra length fee will be charged, single package weight cannot exceed 68kg.

Please contact JFBees customer service if you interested in goods shipping from China to France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia and New Zealand via China TNT.

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