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Mooncakes shipping from China to overseas countries

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Moon cakes are one of the most famous traditional Chinese cakes available in Middle Autumn Festival which is also popular in the foreign countries. JFBees released a Moon cake line deals shipping from China to overseas countries. However, you should be aware certain restrictions for the mooncakes shipping from China.

There are currently 34 countries and territories banned moon cakes shipping from China, and 11 countries and regions to take restrictions on the mooncakes. They are Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Brazil, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Congo , Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Burundi, Gabon, Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya.

The 11 countries and regions that have taken restrictions on mooncakes shipping from China:

Australia: the mooncake should be marked as a holiday gift, and can not contain egg yolk, meat and other ingredients.

UK: Mooncakes with yolk and meat inside cannot being ship to UK.

Canada: Mooncakes containing egg yolk and meat are not allowed. Only to accept the moon cakes ship to personal as gift, details list, commercial invoices, declarations should be used in English, French writing, it should indicate the ingredients, quantity, origin, value, weight.

Malaysia: Mooncakes with yolk and meat are not allowed.

United States: need the recipient to apply for FDA food registration in advance, and mark the confirmation number on the details list table, and moon cake can not contain egg yolk, meat ingredients.

Japan: No more than 5 kilograms donot need quarantine certificate and certificate of origin, but in the mooncake box to indicate the ingredients and effective date, more than 5 kg to provide the recipient of animal and plant quarantine certificate, and with the sender of origin Certificates, if it contains meat, need to provide healthy proof of origin sanitation.

New Zealand: moon cakes containing egg yolk and honey are prohibited.

EU: the requirement for aflatoxin B1 in moon cakes containing dried fruits is higher than that of Chinese standards.

Poland: request permission from the Ministry of agriculture and write down the sugar.

Thailand and Vietnam: weight under 0.5 kg, receipt should be personal and marked as a holiday gift, the recipient should provide instructions for private usage.

So if you want to ship mooncakes from China, you should read the regulations and restrictions above, check the mooncake ingredients before purchasing. 

In addition to the meat and egg yolk mooncakes, there are also many other kinds of mooncakes include lotus paste,  Chinese chestnut paste, Red bean paste, Walnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, sesame seeds, coconut, tea, chocalate etc. There following are the most famous mooncake brands in China:









kee wah bakery/奇华礼饼专家




You can also search other mooncake brands on Taobao Tmall and JD. You can freely contact JFBees customer service if you want to buy and ship Mooncakes from China.

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