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[JFBees unboxing reward] Review your Taobao items win free shipping

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Are you planning to shop your Thanks giving, Christmas and new year gift via Chinese online shopping websites like Taobao, JD and 1688? Have you worried about the expensive shipping? From now to 2018, January JFBees will launch a goods unboxing reward for you order from China online shopping websites via JFBees service, you can review the goods you bought via blog, reddit, facebook, youtube etc. Then send the link via Everybody who joined the competition could win the prize, the people whose post get the most likes and comments will win the free shipping reward. The following are the details.


1.     JFBees unboxing reward


1st prize  free shipping   (2 person)

2nd prize 20 usd shipping fee (5 person)

3rd prize 10 usd shipping fee (10 person)

4th prize 5 usd shipping fee (20 person)

5th prize 2 usd shipping fee (50 person)

6th prize 1 usd shipping fee (unlimited)


The 1st prize is only available for 2 individuals, shipping fee under 100 usd, likes and comments should at least above 50, but 2nd to 6th prize has no restrictions,the more review you post, the more reward, one reward only can be used for one shipment. Everybody joined the competition could win.


2.     Time period


2017. 11 ~ 2018.1.13


3.     Unboxing review format and platform


You can review all the goods you bought with their colors, size, functions, quality, pros and cons, price and your personal opinions via text, photo or video, you can upload the unboxing review to reddit, facebook, twitter, YouTube and other social networks then share to your friends. In the description part please link back

The taobao unboxing review can be in this way:

Or this way

or just a simple text post with multiple photos on your social network.


4.     How to Join JFBees unboxing reward


It is easy to join the promotion, if you have goods shipped via JFBees in the past month, you can start to review and share the post via your social network then send the review links, your paypal ID to, we will check and keep you updated with the prize you won.


If you havent order via JFBees yet and want to join the reward, you can edit the item list with color, size, quantity etc to send us via email or wechat, skype. Our customer service will order and ship for you. JFBees agent service include:


Purchasing. We will order based on your item links color size etc.


Quality inspection. Once the goods arrived our warehouse we will send you high quality photos for you to confirm goods color, size and quantity as well as the quality.


Consolidate service. We will consolidate all your orders in one package to ship to you to save your shipping cost.


Customs clearance service. We will help you prepare customs clearance files and give you suggestions for goods declare value based on the shipping country, goods weight and volume to cut or lower down the tax.


Once you received the packages you can start the unboxing review and send us the review links, we will check and notice you the prize you won.


5.     How to retrieve the reward?


The reward are totally based on the quality of your review, the more details you described, the more chance you get likes and comments. The first prize we will check your shipping cost and refund money directly to your paypal account, the 2nd to 6th prize we will record as discount of your 2nd shipment, it is available for 6 months.


Do you want free shipping for the Thanks giving, Christmas and new year gifts bought from China? Join JFBees unboxing reward and share with your friends now.

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