Ship to:
  • United States Of America (美国)
  • Afghanistan (阿富汗)
  • Australia (澳大利亚)
  • Canada (加拿大)
  • United Kingdom (英国)
  • India (印度)
  • Germany (德国)
  • Indonesia (印度尼西亚)
  • Malaysia (马来西亚)
  • France (法国)
Net weight:

Goods restriction shipping from China

Sensitive goods: brands, food, medicine, disc and crude wood belongs to senstive goods and can be shipped via EMS, built-in batteries and 2nd or 3rd lines brands can be shipped via DHL(extra charge required);

Prohibited goods: Liquid, powder and batteries; expensive goods such as gold, silver, iphone, ipad; Dangerous goods such as flammable and explosive, knives, guns and bullets are probibited;

Expect EMS, other courier service all need to calculate volume weight, volume weight=length*width*height(cm/5000) (Line deals /6000) and select the higher weight to calculate shipping fee;

The shipping quote is only for reference, please contact customer service for price details;

The shipping quote doesn't include custom tax, remote charge and over weight over length fee.

Money saving tips

Combine multiple packages into one;

Remove unnecessary packagings;

Ship light weight packages with big volume weight via EMS;

Ship normal goods via JFBees line deals;

Check help center or consult with customer service for more money saving tips.